Special screws & bolts
T bolts / Double end screws / Open die screws / Micro screws / Thread forming screws / External 6-lobes screws / Tamper-proof screws / Concrete bolts / Hex bolts / Flange bolts / Hanger bolts
Materials including steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, bronze, aluminum.
Harpor has comprehensive experiences in supplying special fasteners.
We understand that successful fastener solutions involve more than just pricing considerations.
Our focus extends to the feasibility in production and the practical applicability of our products.
From meticulous attention to dimensional tolerances to ensuring mechanical properties align with exacting standards, we prioritize precision in every stage of production.
We file all related testing documents, providing our clients with the assurance of superior performance and reliability.
With capability of secondary processing including lathing, milling, grinding, drilling and mechanical pressing… etc.
Small quantity OK.
Short delivery OK.
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